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Essay on Children's Book Author and Illustrator Chris Van Allsburg

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Editor’s note: On Jan. 12, Kate DiCamillo responded to de la Peña’s questions. Read her essay here. Twice this past fall I was left speechless by a child.

Picture Books Importance on a Child’s Development Ever analyzed a picture book before? The colors, shapes, and underlying message on every inch of the page create a story. A story that makes your brain tick and contemplate what exactly you’re looking at.

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We guarantee high quality of our product because we cooperate under strict conditions with expert English native speaking writers worldwide. The essays focus on specific books and specific artists—the works of Margaret Wise Brown, Arnold Lobel, Maurice Sendak, Chris Van Allsburg, William Joyce, and one chapter is devoted to Donald Hall and Barbara Cooney's Ox-Cart Man.

As his title suggests, these are among the most important names in modern children's picture book illustration.

Essay picture books
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