Univocalic writing a book

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Writing Poetry

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Writing With Constraints

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Is this a poem? : what makes a poem, and how you can write one

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'Eunoia', which means 'beautiful thinking', is the shortest word in the English language to contain all five vowels. This book also contains them all, but never at the same time. Each of Eunoia's five chapters is univocalic: that is, each chapter uses only one vowel. Anyway, on the writing course he was working on a first draft of this book, X As you can see from the cover, it's about smoking.

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Actually, it's about not smoking, because the main character, Gregory Simpson, is trying to give up. In celebration of National Poetry Month, Cuyahoga County Public Library is bringing you 30 days of poetry. Each post includes a daily mix of poetry to read, poetry to write, and a poetry book to check out.

The Writers Bureau Blog - Home study courses that help you get published. 27 Years of Success! But what about univocalic poetry, where verses use only one of the eight available vowels, or chaterism, where the length of Even back at school she told everyone that, one day, she was going to write a book.

Now, granted, she did get a bit.

Univocalic writing a book
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